SOCless is a serverless framework built to help security teams easily automate their incident response and operations processes.


SOCless uses the AWS Step Functions and AWS Lambda services to execute user-defined workflows. The workflows, called Playbooks, are defined as JSON objects and triggered by real-time alerts from http-based data sources or scheduled events from AWS CloudWatch.

SOCless Base Architecture (Click to enlarge)


  • Respond to real-time or scheduled events
  • Orchestrate existing security tools into workflows using AWS Lambda functions written in Python 3
  • Interact with humans as part of automated workflows and adapt to their responses
  • Connect to internal resources via static IP whitelisting
  • Develop use-cases rapidly courtesy of reusable, modular and shareable plugins
  • Store and deploy infrastructure and response plans as code using The Serverless Framework
  • Enjoy low cost, low operational overhead, and effortless scalability courtesy of serverless design
  • Extend architecture to implement unique use-cases using AWS services

To get started, deploy SOCless!

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